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South Florida’s Commercial, Industrial & Residential Floor Removal Service

Quick Flooring Removal done with the Latest Floor Removal Machinery

Why work with us?

You have been thinking about removing that flooring for a while. Maybe you have even tried once or twice to do it yourself. Then, you realize floor removal is something you probably need help with.

This is where we come in. It doesn’t matter if it is a commercial, industrial, or residential project. In every task we perform, we do our best to earn your satisfaction by providing a quick but efficient service that will meet all your flooring removal needs. Our promise to you is:

To provide a Fast, Clean & Affordable Service

To contain and remove Dust, Debris, and Waste

To only use Eco-Friendly Products

To perform the job only by trained personnel using the latest in Flooring Removal Machinery

Let’s Do This!

Our Services

Wood Flooring Removal

Say goodbye to the Pry Bar and the Mallet. We have an easier way.

Carpet Removal

Don’t break or strain your back. As carpet specialists, we can do this fast.

Ceramic Tile Removal

No chisel, hand maul, no dust. For those that say there’s no easy way to remove tile, we can prove them wrong.

Flooring Demolition

Efficient and affordable. Demolition doesn’t need to be a scary word anymore.

VCT Flooring Removal

We know removing VCT Flooring is almost a science. Don’t risk using dangerous solvents or heat and let us help you.

Epoxy Flooring Removal

Stripping solutions, soaking, re-soaking. Don’t do that to yourself. We are here for you.

About Us

Velasquez Carpet is your one-stop source for different types of floor removal: wood, carpet, VCT, concrete floor grinding, and much more. We are experts in preparing commercial, industrial, and residential flooring surfaces for your new floor covering. If time is one of your biggest concerns, we think is important for you to know that our specialized floor scraper equipment can reduce the time of your floor removal and preparation by 80%.